CLICK HERE...Ausherman, Steve....Submitted Works: "No More", "We Pass Each Other"

Steve Ausherman is an artist, poet and photographer who resides in New Mexico. His two chapbooks entitled Marking the Bend and Creek Bed Blue (both published by Encircle Publications) celebrate nature, connections to family and place, travel, and life lived outdoors. He has thrice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in poetry and is published regularly in Bear Creek Haiku, Shemom, The Aurorean and others journals. His photography has been published in The Sun Magazine and the literary journal 580 Split. His paintings and drawings can be seen on Instagram and Facebook under his name. Free time finds him exploring the backroads and hiking trails of the American West with his wife Denise.

Contact info:

CLICK HERE...Cohen, Robert...Submitted Work: "A GOOD DAY"

Robert Cohen has been a writer for five years and has provided his services independently. Robert has also self-published, "Tough Guy Legends," available on Amazon.

His education includes an MS in Physiology from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven and an MBA from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant.

Robert was a former member of the Plymouth, Michigan Library Writers Club and a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 26th Marines.

Author's Contact Information:

Robert Cohen

Telephone: 734-347-7496


CLICK HERE...De Canio, Frank...Submitted Works: "Graveyard Reverie" and "Poignant Pairing"

Born and bred in New Jersey, I received my cultural infusions from family and New York City, where I’ve enjoyed hundreds of foreign films, as well as dance and theater performances. I love music from J S Bach to Any Winehouse, and I attend a Café Philo every other Thursday in lower Manhattan. Shakespeare is my consolation, writing my hobby. I’ve written more than 3000 poems, mostly sonnets.

Author's Contact Information:

Frank De Canio

Telephone: 201-867-5346


CLICK HERE...Dodds, Colin...Submitted Work: "Ms. Never" (book reviewed by Samsara)

Colin Dodds is a writer with several acclaimed books to his name. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. He’s made a living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. Colin also writes screenplays, has directed a short film, and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. He lives in New York City, with his wife and children. You can find more of his work at

CLICK HERE...Ford, Arthur C...Submitted Work: "Death (IT)"

Arthur C. Ford, Sr., was born and bred in New Orleans, LA. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern University in New Orleans, where he also studied creative writing and was a member Drama Society. He performed the lead role in Ossie Davis’s “Purlie Victorious.”

He has visited 45 states in America and resided for 2 years in Brussels, Belgium (Europe). His poetry (lyrics) and prose have been published throughout America, Canada, etc. He travelled for 30 days to various cities in the country of India.

He presently resides in Pittsburgh, PA., and continues to write and publish poetry.

Author's Contact Information:

Arthur C. Ford, Sr.

P.O. Box 4725

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Telephone: 1-866-234-0297


CLICK HERE...Glaser, Jim...Submitted Work: "Only"

My poems come out of my personal experience.

For most of 30 years I was a high school science teacher – and loved making it real though projects, experiments, and interaction with the students.

At the same time, I was writing poetry, meeting with other poets regularly, sending out my work, getting mostly rejections—discovering how to listen for discoveries, doorways opening into my life with others and the world, Poems are discoveries that change lives.

Author's Contact Information:

Jim Glaser


CLICK HERE...Hay, Dr. C. David...Submitted Works: "Autumn Winds" and "Candles in the Wind"

C. David Hay is a retired Indiana dentist residing in Florida with his wife, Joy.

He is the author of five books of poetry. Dr. Hay was the first American to appear in the Nezavisimaya Gazeta in Russia with his poem, THE ARROWHEAD.

He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry and is a recipient of the Ordo Honoris award from Kappa Delta Rho. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Indiana University School of Dentistry and is a past officer and life member of the American Dental Association, and the International College of Dentists.

He has been widely published in national and international media and has had his poetry read on the British Broadcasting Channel.

Author's Contact Information:

Dr. C. David Hay

9188 SE 168th Place

The Villages, FL 32162

CLICK HERE...Lackie, Richard...Submitted Works: "Pictures" and "Words"

I live in Riverside, California with my wife Cassandra and our 2 dogs, Zeus and Lola. I spent most of my time being amazed that dogs can sleep 16 hours a day and not worry about a damn thing.

CLICK HERE...McKinney, Elizabeth H...Submitted Work: "He Rocked You to Sleep"

I am Elizabeth H. McKinney. My poem, “HE ROCKED YOU TO SLEEP.” was accepted to be published in April 2020 edition of Samsara Magazine. My bio: I am a retired school teacher with over thirty-four (34) Years teaching. Many of my former students and I are close friends today. East Stone Gap, VA is my home. I have two pet Cats, Lucy and Shelby, that live with me. As a retiree I enjoy reading and writing.

Author's Contact Information:

Elizabeth H. McKinney

P.O. Box 235

East Stone Gap, VA 24246

Telephone: 276-219-0422


CLICK HERE...Ridgway, Joseph...Submitted Work: "A TRAGIC TRAVAIL"

Joseph Ridgway is a retired attorney who teaches law to undergraduate college students in New Jersey where he resides with his wife, Diane, and their rescue dog, Sadie. He is a quadruple Pushcart Prize nominee in poetry with poems published in varied nationwide literary journals. His novella for young readers, "AVA'S DREAM," is about the United States Constitution and is being published by Green Pieces Press and scheduled for release in 2020.

Author's Contact Information:

Joseph Ridgway


CLICK HERE...Scullin, Laurie...Submitted Works: "Heartbreak" and "Kurdish Lullaby"

I’m Laurie Scullin. I grew up on Long Island, NY. As an adult, I have lived in several U.S. cities—most recently, Tacoma, WA.

I am married with two adult children. I’ve been writing poetry for a long time but only recently sought to have my work published. I am honored to have two of my poems, Kurdish Lullaby and Heartbreak, selected for the Spring issue of Samsara. In addition to writing poetry, I make artistic compositions out of natural and manufactured items.

Author's Contact Information:

Laurie Scullin


CLICK HERE...Singer, Dr. Roger G...Submitted Work: "Twisted Wind"

Dr. Singer has been in private practice for 38 years in upstate New York. He has four children, Abigail, Caleb, Andrew and Philip and seven grandchildren. Dr. Singer has served on multiple committees for the American Chiropractic Association, lecturing at colleges in the United States, Canada and Australia, and has authored over fifty articles for his profession and served as a medical technician during the Vietnam era.

Dr. Singer is the Poet Laureate of Old Lyme, Connecticut. He has had over 1,070 poems published on the internet, magazines, and in books and is a 2017 Pushcart Award Nominee. He is also the President of the Shoreline Chapter of the Connecticut Poetry Society.

Dr. Roger Singer

P.O. Box 86

Old Lyme, CT 06371

Telephone: 1-203-848-8582


CLICK HERE...Small, Michel...Submitted Works: "Hospital" and "Mythic Bird"

Michel Small was born in France, raised in San Francisco, and educated in Berkeley and Buffao. After teaching for ten years at Behrend College of Penn State, he returned to his roots in Northern California to teach at Shasta College, read, write, hike, play tennis, and fence. He has done many poetry readings at venues in and around Redding and was the featured poet in Portfolio North, a collection of poems and stories from Northern California writers. He has published poems in Sulphur River Literary Review as well as stories and literary criticism elsewhere.

Author's Contact Information:


CLICK HERE...Spencer, Juli...Submitted Work: "SOUL WOUND"

I was first published in Highlights for Children when I was just 9. Since then, I wrote a lot of poems, but never submitted them for publication until I was about 40. Since age 40, I’ve been published in Library of Congress, and

After that, I got many poems published on Poets Pen, Poet’s Art, Pancakes in Heaven, Alternative Libraries in New York, and a magazine called “Finding Your Voice on the Page”.

Poetry and writing in general, has been my greatest coping skill in the ups and downs of every day life. I never tried to publish my poetry before age 40 because I never knew other people would enjoy them the way they have told me. I never even shared with friends.

Sharing my poetry now has made my life more meaningful, and now I hope I never stop. Its my way of connecting with others in a positive way.

Author's Contact Information:

Juli Spencer X24573

C.C.W.F. 506-31-2L

P.O. Box 1508

Chowchilla, CA 93610

CLICK HERE...Stuart, Jane...Submitted Works: "The Winding Road" and "We Wait for the Moon"

I live in a family home, on the farm, in the middle of a nature preserve. I really enjoy the woods, trees, fern and flowers, deer, birds and sometimes turkeys and even a fox. It is beautiful here - the quiet and peaceful feelings are helpful with poetry and any writing I do. Right now, I am concentrating on a form poetry (metrics) and some science fiction exercises as well as sonnets and traditional haiku-tanka. I like to publish and I'm pleased with my new books of English with translations into Italian.

Your poem gleams

in the grass...

silver dew

turns little seeds

into words

Author's Contact Information:

Jane Stuart

225 Stuart Lane

Greenup, KY 41144

CLICK HERE...Yup, Paula...Submitted Works: "I Thought Cancer" and "Waiting for a Tequila Sunrise"

Paula Yup author of "waiting for the tequila sunrise" and "I thought Cancer" has had poems published since she was a student at Occidental College. She has poems published in "CQ", "Exit 13", "J Journal", "Trajectory", "Evening Street Review", "Abbey", "Bear Creek Haiku", and "Off the Coast". She has a poem forthcoming in "Gargoyle".