CLICK HERE...Amos, Linda....Submitted Works: "What She Needed..."

Linda Amos is a 4th generation writer not following in anyone's footsteps, though chronically dyslexic and plagued by the mental side effects of one-too-many depressions, she fears losing words lately.

A widow for over a decade, her newest poetry anthology will hopefully see the light of day before she closes her eyes.

Linda holds an A.S. in General Studies, and a B.A. in Mid-European Studies, both or which are not worth the paper they are printed on from York College of Pennsylvania-where she got her degrees from on the '15 year-plan'-while she worked single-handedly to raise 4 uniquely different children, while working part-time. Raising humans were her most tireless and demanding job for almost 30 years.

She is a pacifist and Presbyterian, and she hates litter and waste. Her carbon footprint is very low, and she recycles EVERYTHING!

Linda enjoys organic gardening, growing a most excellent Spring garden of hundreds of tulips and daffodils and has nursed along a fabulous Bleeding Heart plant for 11 years.

Linda is a lifetime member of the Rusk County Poetry Society of Henderson County, Texas. She held memberships in the Virginia Poetry Society, the West Virginia Poetry Society, the Pennsylvania Poetry Society and the Poetry Society of Texas.

For 10 years she was a "move and shaker" with the Poetry Society of East Texas-but was reticent to join because people talk "funny" in East Texas and she thought they bred chickens!

Linda is the C.E.O. of the WORDWRITE SHOPPE, a small press poetry publishing house, and she has self-published 12 poetry anthologies and a tribute book to her beloved Mother, Mrs. Gloria J. Gardner, deceased.

Linda began her creative writing career under the tutelage of Mr. Theodore Fabie (deceased), her junior (11th grade) high school English Teacher. He initially submitted her rhyming poetry into Pennings, the school's literary magazine. This thrust Linda's work into the forefront, and she parlayed that success to editing and creating the first ever youth column on the front page of The York Dispatch, York's evening newspaper.

Linda also wrote for The Backpages, the student underground newspaper at York College of Pennsylvania.

Decades later she was a star writer for the college approved student newspaper, the SPARTAN.

Linda's two premier stories were as Cultural Editor of Dizzy Gillespie and Harry Chapin.

She was recognized from that tireless job and allowed to create ESP literary magazine.

ESP's short stories and poetry flourished under her tireless dedication and persevered until she graduated Spring 1984.

Since that time she's had a poetry column in The Penny Saver, a weekly in Lancaster County, and was the featured poet of the month at Delta College in the tri-cities, MI.

Linda was a fulltime volunteer in the York City York County environment for over 50 years and before COVID-19 struck she received a citation from the Pennsylvania Senate for her conscientious efforts to make York County and York City a more livable community.

She sat on the organizing committee for the Olde York street fair, York's premier salute to all mothers and all those who mother others and was a block captain for 20+ years! She also recruited over 500 vendors. Her children and husband each helped bring York County craft persons works to the masses.

One Mother's Day 102,000 people attended this 5-block long festival of arts, crafts, music and non-profits. It was grand!

Though COVID-19 prohibits her from volunteering at her local food bank or with the South Central Pennsylvania AARP Task force, Linda is never not busy.

She is a Second Lt. with Senior Membership with Civil Air Patrol Squadron 301-and she loves to crawl into anything that flies.

Linda is a mother of 4 biological adult children, a stepmother of 4 adult children and had 3 wards.

She has 20 grandchildren and 3 great grand Jewish-American princesses!

Linda loves watching horseracing on television, especially The Kentucky Derby, The Belmont Stakes and at Pimlico, Maryland.

Linda rode horses in her youth and was crazy for her Uncle Norton Shoemaker of Shoemaker Farm in Mullia Hill, VT, where she learned all about racing. Her cousin Norton Shoemaker, Jr. is still the Starting Judge at Chester Race Course, in Chester, Pennsylvania.

For more information go to LinkedIn.

CLICK HERE...Anderson, Sharon....Submitted Works: "Visitations"

Sharon Anderson lives in an old stone house located in an Historic Village with her husband. She has always loved poetry and according to her mother, wrote at an early age and had a poem about her rabbit published in a local newspaper. She has been published in many poetry journals and magazines since and, as she claims, has destroyed the rabbit poem. She continues to write and also enjoys crocheting and knitting.

CLICK HERE...Botts, Elena...Submitted Work: "Untitled (Cover Artwork)"

Elena Botts has lived many places in the northeast and abroad,. Elena's poems have been published in over a hundred literary magazines. Elena is the winner of four poetry contests and has had many books published. Elena's visual artwork has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in various galleries. Elena has also collaborated on, released and installed sound and moving image artwork, as well as multimedia and conceptual art, and formed a multimedia collective for this purpose, while pursuing graduate school, human rights, and arts projects.


CLICK HERE...Ford, Sr., Arthur C....Submitted Works: "My Mountain"

Arthur C. Ford, Sr., was born and bred in New Orleans, LA. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern University in New Orleans, where he also studied creative writing and was a member of the Drama Society. He performed the lead role in Ossie Davis's "Purlie Victorious".

He has visited 45 states in America and resided for 2 years in Brussels, Belgium (Europe). His poetry (lyrics) and prose have been published throughout America, Canada, etc. He travelled for 30 days (July 2011) to various cities in the country of India.

He presently resides in Pittsburgh, PA an continues to write and publish an international quarterly poetry newsletter called "The Pen" ( (Click on guidelines at the top of the page).

CLICK HERE...Jackson, Marlon...Submitted Work: "Spinner's End"

Marlon Jackson's work has appeared in Pancakes in Heaven, Northern Stars, The PEN, The Storyteller, Star Poets, The Stray Branch, Down in the Dirt, Creative Words with Publications, Poetry Protocol, Syndicate and others.

CLICK HERE...Jones, Mevin...Submitted Works: "DINNER"

Melvin Jones has a book of poems out title "Tender Was the Night." He is a contributing writer to a several magazines including Samsara, Iconoclast and Conceit. He won second place in the 021 annual "Light of the Stars" poetry contest held by Lone Stars and Conceit Magazines.

CLICK HERE...Spencer, Juli...Submitted Work: "Whilst in Chains"

I was first published in Highlights for Children when I was just 9. Since then, I wrote a lot of poems, but never submitted them for publication until I was about 40. Since age 40, I've been published in Library of Congress, and

After that, I got many poems published on Poets Pen, Poet's Art, Pancakes in Heaven, Alternative Libraries in New York, and a magazine called "Finding Your Voice on the Page".

Poetry and writing in general, has been my greatest coping skill in the ups and downs of every day life. I never tried to publish my poetry before age 40 because I never knew other people would enjoy them the way they have told me. I never even shared with friends.

Sharing my poetry now has made my life more meaningful, and now I hope I never stop. Its my way of connecting with others in a positive way.

CLICK HERE...Stuart, Jane...Submitted Work: "Untitled"

I live in a family home, on the farm, in the middle of a nature preserve. I really enjoy the woods, trees, fern and flowers, deer, birds and sometimes turkeys and even a fox. It is beautiful here - the quiet and peaceful feelings are helpful with poetry and any writing I do. Right now, I am concentrating on a form poetry (metrics) and some science fiction exercises as well as sonnets and traditional haiku-tanka. I like to publish and I'm pleased with my new books of English with translations into Italian.

Your poem gleams

in the grass...

silver dew

turns little seeds

into words

CLICK HERE...Telage, Kal...Submitted Works: "On a Busy Street"

Dr. Telage is a retired full professor of Neuroscience having completed a 38 year academic and research career primarily at the Graduate School Level. His writings have taken many forms including: Scientific Brain Studies, Financial Stock Market Research Articles and Lyrical Poetry. Writing poetry has been a personal need since mid life. It is his way of sharing an inner self with others by giving birth to thoughts and expressing feelings. Other avocations include playing guitar, keyboard, and singing which also offer outlets for inner expression. He resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife Cindy.

Kal M. Telage 4230 63rd. Terr. East Sarasota, Fl 34243

CLICK HERE...Yup, Paula...Submitted Work: "WAS IT ONLY A YEAR AGO?"

Paula Yup returned to Spokane, Washington after a dozen years in the Marshall Islands where her husband taught. She published four hundred poems in "Exit 13", "Event Street Review", "J Journal", Conestoga Zen Anthology and other places. Her book of poetry is Making a Clean Space in the Sky.